D-Day! Event

“Earn Stars to receive a limited-time Hangar. Send your enemies running for cover with B-17 bombing runs.”

D-Day! is a 7-day event that specializes around the Boeing B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress and the B-17 Hangar. There is a total of 5 steps in the event in order to receive the B-17 Hangar. This event will start at April 13, 2016 and ends at April 20, 2016.

Historical Description Edit

"On June 6, 1944, during the throes of WW II, the most famous D-Day was initiated by Western Allied Forces. More than 160,000 allied troops landed in Normandy, France to liberate mainland Europe from Nazi German forces. It is still the largest seaborne invasion and helped lead the Allied victory on the Western Front. How many epic battles have you fought lately?"

Objectives Edit

D-Day! EventInfo

Step 1: Earn 20 Stars

Step 2:Earn 45 Stars

  • Reward: 375,000 gold

Step 3: Earn 80 Stars

Step 4: Earn 125 Stars

  • Reward: 1,100,000 food

Step 5: Earn 200 Stars

Recommended Buildings and Units Edit

  1. Mercenary Camp
  2. War Academy
  3. Bombard
  4. Barracks

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