Command Post

“Stores war loot won during World Wars.
Also produces one wave of your nation's unique unit on defense.”



General InformationEdit

  • It is unlocked in the Iron Age.
  • You need to build the Command Post in order to join a World War.
  • This building is used to store your loot obtained during World Wars.
  • Take note of the capacity of your Command Post. If your loot from the World War exceeds your Command Post limit, you will lose the excess loot.
  • If you have loot in your Command Post, be sure to keep it behind Walls, as it is a resource building. If however, you withdraw(all) your war loot from your Command Post immediately after a World War, it will contain no resources and can be safely placed outside your Walls.
  • Attackers can steal 8% of the loot inside the Command Post, compared to 25% from a Mill or Market and 50% from a Farm or Caravan. (These percentages seem to vary depending on age and building level.) This is why you should keep the loot inside the Command Post, unless you have enough loot with your War Loot to spend on an upgrade.
  • It also doubles as a defensive building, deploying your nation's unique unit after 10s during an attack on your base. It only deploys units once per attack.
  • It starts with your Iron Age unique unit. As you upgrade it, the unique unit will reflect that of the Classical Age, etc.
  • When you're upgrading the Command Post you can still participate in World Wars and collect loot from it, but it won't spawn troops on defense.


Defender type info
Defender Type Amount Delay Watch
Heavy Cavalry 2 10s
Ranged Infantry 4 10s
Heavy Infantry 6 8s
Command Post statistics
Level Upgrade

Cost Food


Needed Citizen


Time Clock

HP Health icon XP

Gain Exp

War Loot Gold icon & Food War Loot Oil icon War Loot Ruby Age


1 70,000 4 - 1,950 ? 225,000 500 600 Iron Age
2 500,000 ? 2,080 520 525,000 1,000 660 Classical Age
3 700,000 1d 2,275 890 1,100,000 2,000 720 Medieval Age
4 2,000,000 2d 3,200 1,630 1,600,000 3,500 780 Gunpowder Age
5 4,250,000 7d 3,500 3,245 1,850,000 6,500 840 Enlightenment Age
6 6,000,000 8d 3,840 3,495 2,100,000 12,000 900 Industrial Age
7 8,000,000 10d 4,230 3,950 2,400,000 14,500 960 Global Age
8 9,300,000 11d 5,080 4,160 2,600,000 16,500 1,020 Atomic Age
Defender Type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
British Longbowman Elite Longbowman King's Longbowman Yeomanry Royal Yeomanry Black Watch King's Royal Rifleman Green Jacket Rifleman
Chinese Chu Ko Nu Elite Chu Ko Nu Royal Chu Ko Nu Fire Lance Fire Dragon Manchu Rifleman Long March Rifleman People's Rifleman
French Chevalier Heavy Chevalier Elite Chevalier Guard Chevalier Hussar St. Chamond R-35 Tank ARL-44 Tank
Germans Vandal Heavy Vandal Landsknecht Heavy Landsknecht Junker Wehrmacht Volksgrenadiers Bundeswehr
Greeks Companion Royal Companion Heavy Royal Companion Elite Royal Companion Stradioti Companion Tank ELAS Tank Centaur Tank
Japanese Bushi Samurai Heavy Samurai Nodachi Samurai Ashigaru Shizoku Kazoku JSDF Soldier
Koreans Hwarang Elite Hwarang Royal Hwarang Singijeon Heavy Singijeon Righteous Rifleman Liberation Infantry Republic Rifleman
Romans Legion Heavy Legion Caesar's Legion Praetorian Guard Praetorian Fusilier Alpini Royal Alpini Friuli Infantry

Trivia Edit

  • Added on December 2, 2015, as part of the "World War" update.