*Troop stats depend on level of coalition

The Chariot Archer is the special unit for the Egyptians unlocked in the embassy and can only be used in world wars. They are a defensive unit and help as forest defenders during world wars.

These fast-moving defenders of the Nile deal bonus damage against heavy infantry.

Historical Description Edit

Chariot archers were the pinnacle of Bronze Age military technology. Drawn from the wealthy noble class, they boasted the best training and equipment available. Their swift chariots and powerful composite bows enable them to easily outrange common infantry using inferior simple bows. Firing several arrows per minute, a chariot archer could mow down enemies with little personal risk. Chariots became a symbol of royal example, the pharaohs of Egypt's New Kingdom are often depicted riding one into combat. While chariots became militarily obsolete with the advent of horseback riding, chariot racing remained a popular entertainment in classical society and well into the Byzantine era.

Statistics Edit

Level Hitpoints Damage per second Damage against Infantry
1 800 74 372
2 888 80 403
3 1,665 128 643
4 1,776 148 741
5 1,998 163 819
6 2,553 213 1,066
7 2,942 245 1,228

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