Age Wonders
Bronze Age Acropolis Hanging Gardens Pyramids Stonehenge
Classical Age Colosseum Forbidden City Notre Dame Terra Cotta Army
Gunpowder Age Angkor Wat Taj Mahal Temple of Tikal Versailles
Industrial Age Brandenburg Gate Eiffel Tower Kremlin Statue of Liberty
Atomic Age Sydney Opera House Atomium The Pentagon United Nations

Wonders or Wonder Buildings are unique, historical buildings that provide various bonuses to players. None of the Wonders are tied to a specific Nation, so they may be built by any Nation.

Atomic Wonder

Wonders in Atomic Age

You can build one Wonder in each of these Ages:

All of the Wonders are built in 5 stages. Each stage requires 4 citizens to upgrade with varying food and time, depending on the tier of the Wonder, to finish.

Wonders can be changed for an amount of Crowns and it requires 4 citizens. The change takes place instantaneously and you don't have go through the 5 stages again. All changes cost 600 Crowns(can be reduced with University research).

Before constructing the last stage (5/5), you may change your Wonder for free.

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