Bunker Level 5

“Produces heavy tanks on defense.”

Levels Edit

General InformationEdit

  • Bunkers are defensive buildings that will spawn Heavy Tanks when enemy troops go into its range.
  • The Bunker is a unique defensive building since it requires resources in order to function. So when the Heavy Tanks spawned by the Bunker get destroyed or betrayed, it requires Oil to replace them. Bunkers can hold up to 5 Heavy Tanks.
  • Bunkers spawn faster if they are within the radius of the Acropolis.
  • Bunkers are available in the Industrial Age.
  • Like troop-training defensive buildings, Bunkers can detect Destroyers.
  • The first wave of Heavy Tanks produced by the Bunker take 10 seconds. The waves after that take one minute.

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • Bunkers have low hitpoints so using Demolition and Barrage to take them out are very effective.
  • Best way of dealing with spawned Heavy Tanks is using Fighters on them. Betrayal works great too
  • Decoys doesn't work well on Bunkers as any spawn Heavy Tank can destroy it and quickly add up to your burden of dealing with defenders.
  • On scouting a base, if the Bunker is dark inside and have no smoke coming out of the chimney then it means it has run out of oil and as such would not produce any Heavy Tank when under attack.

NOTE: Bunkers in war bases doesn't run out of oil. If its dark inside then its probably under upgrade in the main base Edit

Defensive Strategies Edit

  • Many attackers preferred to use Fighters on spawned Heavy Tanks so is advisable to have Bunkers near an Air Defense.
  • Is best to avoid burying Bunkers in deep wall mazes since Heavy Tanks move very slow.
  • Placing them near wonders such as Acropolis and Angkor Wat makes the Bunker spawn faster and heal the spawned Heavy Tanks respectively.
  • Always refill the oil require for the Bunker to stay active after each attack on your base.

Statistics Edit

Age Number Available
Industrial Age 1(2)
Global Age
Atomic Age
Cold War Age
Level Build Cost Oil icon HP Health icon Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Needed Citizen XP Gain Exp Defender Type Refill Cost* Oil icon Defenders Per Wave Max Defenders TroopSpace Age Unlocked
1 100,000 3,000 7d 4 3,245 Heavy Tank 100 1 2 (3) Industrial Age
2 120,000 3,100 8d Heavy Tank Mk.2 120
3 190,000 3,410 10d 3,410 Heavy Tank Mk.3 140 Global Age
4 230,000 4,440 12d 4,365 Heavy Tank Mk.4 160 Atomic Age
5 255,000 6,660 (with bonus) 13d 4,560 Heavy Tank Mk.5 180 Cold War Age

*Per each Heavy Tank lost in defending.

Boosts Edit

The Nationalism Technology at the Library confers these bonuses:

  • Chapter 1 : Increases Bunker health by 10%.
  • Chapter 2 : Increases Bunker defenders by 1.
  • Chapter 3 : Increases Bunker limit by 1.
  • Chapter 4 : Increases Heavy Tank defender damage by 10%
  • Chapter 5 : Increases Bunker health by 10%.

The splash damage tech for Heavy Tanks does not count for Bunkers, only for offensive and alliance troops.

The research of Emperor Haile Selassie in the University confers the following bonuses to Bunker:

  • Bunker Defenders Damage: +3% Bazooka damage (10 levels)
  • Bunker Defenders Hitpoints: +3% Bazooka hitpoints (10 levels)