Multi-Purpose City
Buildings are structures in DomiNations that can do many functions that help the player and is one of the backbones of the game. There are six types of buildings; Economic, Military, Defensive, Wonders, Other, and Miscellaneous. Each type are used for specific purposes that can help players conquer the world.

Economic BuildingsEdit

Economic City

Economic Buildings help create the infrastructure of the city and creates and stores resources.

  • Armory - A building for researching Troops, Generals, and other things.
  • Caravan - A moving unit that produces Gold.
  • Farm - A building that produces Food.
  • Fruit Tree - A building that produces Food and can be collected every 1-2 hours(varies by age).
  • Gold Mine - A building that produces Gold and can be collected every 1-2 hours(varies by age).
  • House - A building that increases citizen population by 2.
  • Estate - A building that increases citizen population by 3.
  • Library - A building used for researching Technologies and boosts.
  • Market - A building that stores Gold.
  • Mill - A building that stores Food.
  • Oil Refinery - A building that stores Oil.
  • Oil Well - A building that produces Oil.
  • Road - A route that produces Gold. More Gold is produced if more buildings are connected to it.
  • Shipyard - Lets you send citizens on Expeditions for great rewards!
  • Storehouse - A building that stores Trade Goods.
  • Temple - A building that players can get Blessings from for a limited amount of time.
  • University - A building where players can research Great Leaders to help their town and military for a price of a few citizens and some Food, Gold or Oil
  • Vault - A building that stores resources so enemies can't steal them from you.

Defensive BuildingsEdit

Defensive City

Defensive buildings; like the name says, help defend the city from invaders.


  • Ambush Trap - A trap that surprises invaders with Heavy Infantry.
  • Caltrops - A trap that slows down invaders.
  • S.A.M. Battery - A trap that surprises enemy aircraft with missiles.
  • Spike Trap / Land Mine - A trap that surprises invaders with spikes and do large damage against units.
  • Claymore - A trap that damages all enemies in a large cone in whatever direction they are first triggered.
  • Signal Flare - A trap that alerts defending troops and instantly spawn a bonus wave of temporarily boosted defenders from all nearby Garrisons, Stables, and Bunkers.
  • Decoy Trap - A trap that draws the attacker’s fire to this phony target.

Military BuildingsEdit

Military buildings produces Troops for armies.


Wonders give boosts, advantages, and bonuses to help players collect, defend, build, and attack more efficiently. You can only pick one wonder out of a select group per age.

Bronze AgeEdit

Classical AgeEdit

Gunpowder AgeEdit

Industrial AgeEdit

Atomic Age Edit

Other BuildingsEdit

Other Buildings do not affiliate with any other category

  • Alliance Gate - A building where players can join alliances and have donated alliance troops stored.
  • Town Center - A building where players can advance into the next age.
  • Estate - A building that provides additional citizens, but must be purchased with real money; cannot be bought with in-game currency.

Miscellaneous Edit

Miscellaneous things that are only kind of buildings.