The Union Jack. Flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and (Northern) Ireland.

The British is one of 8 nations in the mobile game of DomiNations. They have the More Loot ability.

Building Style North European
Unit Style North European
Strategy Offensive

Nation Power

  • More Loot - Loot from attacks increases by 15% (as in Version 3.0.150 update)

Benefits and Disadvantages


  • Beneficial against defensive bases and garrisons.
  • Suggested for aggressive players who are active most of the time.The british are referred to one of the best nations in the game
  • Other indirect bonus related to the special unit of this nation: British special unit is not attacked by castles, redoubts and ballista because of its range. its long range also makes the castle does not deploy the generals.
  • it can attack deeply through the walls and because that troop attacks from further it is more difficult that it is destroyed.
  • because their range of 5 is the same as that of the artillery, the artillery are not vulnerable to an attack from behind of enemy troops or to sniper tower.
  • *correction is needed, my English is not very good. I am lvl 190 British, global age. everything that is here is true*


  • No defensive bonuses for this nation.
  • Not suggested for non-active players or who are not aggressive.
  • British special unit can be attacked by castles, redoubts and ballista if they approach to attack the enemy troops because their preference (to attack enemy troops instead of building).
  • usually british special unit never attacks the castle alone so another unit could cause the general to be deployed from the castle or if british special unit approach as mentioned in point 3.
  • the artillery sometimes do not follow the same path as the british special unit so they remain vulnerable anyway.

Unique Units

The British unique Ranged Infantry units has +1 additional range and +15% damage than standard ranged infantry units they replace.

Click the images to go to the pages on the troop specified.



  • According to a 2015 survey, the British is the most played North European nation in the game. It is the 5th most played nation in the game behind Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and the Japanese.

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