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Blessings confer bonuses on your economy, defense, and combat troops. They can be purchased from the Temple with Trade Goods. Upgrading the Temple gives access to more Blessings.


Blessing Description Cost Duration Blessing Amount Temple Level
Gathering Increase the speed and reward amount of hunting and gathering. 3 Cider
3 Fur
10 minutes +20% Level 1
Armor Increases the health of your attacking troops. 3 Cider
3 Metal
1 Attack Use +30%
Fortification blessing
Increases the health of your nation's buildings. 1 Diamond
1 Defense Use +20%
Weapon Increases the damage done by your combat troops. 3 Fur
1 Diamond
1 Attack Use +30% Level 2
Tower Increases the damage done by defensive buildings. 3 Fur
3 Leather
1 Defense Use +20%
Animal Increases the number of animals that spawn from the forest. 3 Metal
2 Diamond
10 minutes +50%
Loot Increases the resources raided by your combat troops. 4 Cider
4 Leather
1 Attack Use +10% Level 3
Storage Refunds some of the resources that are stolen from storage buildings (such as the Mill and Market) by opponents. 4 Metal
4 Leather
1 Defense Use +25% Level 4
Training Decreases the time it takes for troops to be trained. 6 Cider
2 Diamond
60 minutes +66% Level 5
Air Defense Increases the damage done by air defense buildings. 5 Cider
5 Metal
1 Defense Use +20% Level 6
Oil Increases the amount of resources harvested from oil wells. 1 Diamond
6 Leather
6 hours +20%
Defender Adds extra defenders from the forest. 5 Metal
5 Fur
1 Defense Use +4 Research Zeal (ch. 3) at Library
Tactics Decreases the time it takes for tactics to be trained in your War Academy 8 Cider
8 Metal
3 hours +55% Research Zeal (ch. 4) at Library
Trap Rearms all triggered traps after being attacked 8 Fur

8 Leather

3 Defense Use - Research Zeal (ch. 5) at Library
Industry Increase farm, caravan and road income. Also increases league battle bonus rewards. None 1 week +20% Special event
Tactics(Event version) Decreases the time it takes for tactics to be trained in your War Academy None Forever 88% Christmas event

Library ResearchEdit

Researching Zeal, a Level 4 Technology, can augment Blessings as follows:

  • increase Blessing power by an additional 10%;
  • increase timed Blessing duration by 50%;
  • unlock a Blessing that calls 4 hidden defenders from the forest;
  • unlock a Blessing that decreases the time for tactics to be trained in your War Academy; and
  • unlock a Blessing that rearms traps triggered in battle.

Trivia Edit

  • In the v2.2x update, Big Huge Games lower the Animal Blessing duration from ten minutes to five minutes due to balancing.
  • Special blessings
    535311 828014497326204 6661426559293633450 n

    Industry Blessing

    12410583 828014457326208 2576810005107459304 n

    Tactics Blessing

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