“With the right motivation, enemy troops can be convinced to betray their commander and fight for you instead.”

General InformationEdit

Betrayl is a Tactic that is unlocked when your War Academy reaches level 5. It causes enemy defenders to fight for you.


Strength Steal your opponent's troops! Powerful when used on cavalry.
Weakness Betrayers suffer damage and attack slower, Generals are immune.
Build time45m
Tactics Space2
Level Cost Food Radius Range Traitors Damage Reduction Health After Use Health icon Upgrade Cost Food Upgrade Time Clock XP Reward Exp War Academy Level
1 22,000 2 2* 50% 80% - - - 5
2 25,000 3* 30% 85% 5,750,000 9d 1,740 6
3 28,000 25% 90% 7,200,000 10d 1,845 7
4 ? 20%? 95% 8,400,000 11d 1,945 8

Library Battle Tactics research Chapter 4 increases the numbers of traitors by +1.

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