Bedouin Raider
Bedouins Raider
Health 1,100 Health icon
Damage per second 230
Damage vs Resource Buildings 690
Range 1.5
Strength 3x damage bonus vs. resource buildings
Weakness Vulnerable to heavy defenses
Favorite Targets Resource buildings
Required Goods 6 Cider
6 Leather
General Information
Mercenary Camp Level 8
Army Size 3
Troop Type Mercenary Cavalry Raiders

The Bedouin Raider is a Mercenary Cavalry Raider available at Mercenary Camp level 8. The previous mercenary of this type is the Condottieri Raider.


"Bedouins are a nomadic people living in North African and Arabian deserts. Traditionally, Bedouins travel on camels and horses, making their living herdings goats and cattle, taxing caravans crossing their territory, and raiding nearby villages. They are peerless mounted warriors, comfortable with both sword and rifle from horseback. Famed adventurer T.E. Lawrence, known as Lawrence of Arabia, led groups of Bedouins to wreak havoc on Ottoman installations during World War I."

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