General informationEdit

Armed with a rocket launcher and nerves of steel, this unit specializes in destroying tanks.

Deals 7x damage against tanks, buildings and walls.

Historical Description Edit

"Early prototypes for a tube-fired rocket were developed during WW II by Robert Goddard, who was often considered the father of modern rocketry. The modern form of the weapon was developed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland just as WW II was heating up. Although technically known as a recoil-less rocket anti-tank weapon, it soon acquired the nickname "bazooka" due to its resemblance to a trombone-like musical instrument of the same name."


Bazooka unit statistics
Name Age HP Health icon DPS Damage DPS vs bonus Damage Cost Oil icon Upgrade Cost Oil icon Upgrade Time XP Gain Exp
Bazooka Global Age 1,728 150 1,050 225 - - -
Heavy Bazooka 1,900 165 1,155 235 160,000 10d 1,845
Veteran Bazooka Atomic Age 2,236 184 1,288 265 180,000 12d 2,040
Elite Bazooka Atomic Age 2,490 204 1,419 305 200,000 13d 2,130
RPG Cold War Age 2,818 230 1,616 335 14d 2,200