“These heavily-armored units will attacks defensive buildings, distracting them at close range while your other troops do the damage.”

The M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo Battle Tank is a level 8 armoured Heavy Cavalry troop unlocked in the Global Age. Its predecessor is the Medium Tank and can be upgraded to the Main Battle Tank. It is researched in a level 9 armory.

General Information Edit

  • Like its Heavy Cavalry forerunners, Battle Tanks are the armored front runners among all troops. Their default behavior is to seek and destroy defenses. With a large amount of hitpoints, they can endure more than any other troop of their age, as well as dealing a lot of damage before falling. However, their disadvantages is that they have low damage and can be killed easily by Anti-Tank Guns.

Historical Description Edit

M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo. In June–July 1944, the Army accepted a limited run of 254 of M4A3E2 Jumbo Shermans, an up-armored version of the venerable M4 Sherman series with thicker armor and the 75 mm gun in a heavier T23-style turret. The Jumbo had even thicker frontal armor than the Tiger I and was intended for assaulting hardened enemy fortifications in the allied push to break out of the Normandy beachhead. It entered combat in August 1944, It entered combat in August 1944,

The "Jumbo," nicknamed came from her crews, due to the extra size from the added armor (including 4 inches on front), but at a slower about 3-4 mph. Built with 75 mm gun, it was frequently re-armed with 76-mm guns by the using units. Users: US, France (one vehicle)During the war, U.S. crews found that on soft ground such as mud or snow, the narrow tracks gave poor ground pressure compared to wide-tracked second-generation German tanks such as the Panther. Soviet experiences were similar and tracks were modified to give better grip in the snow. The U.S. Army issued extended end connectors or "duckbills" to add width to the standard tracks as a stopgap solution. Duckbills were original factory equipment for the heavy M4A3E2 Jumbo to compensate for the extra weight of armor.

Visuals Edit

The "Battle Tank" truely has no historical counterpart. Although it resembles an M4 Sherman tank, parts of the design including the hull, turret, and gun are all concepts from other tanks and/or are made up. Firstly, the hull appears to resemble earlier models of the M4 with rounded edges on the upper front plate. Encased in the hull are duel machine guns which have no equal in real life. Following that, the turret looks to be that of an earlier Sherman without a Ration Box on its rear. Fixed in the turret, the cannon has a muzzle brake similar to a British 17-pounder anti-tank gun. Lastly the dark green color of the tank was found on Russian tanks during World War II.

Attacking Strategies Edit

  • Battle Tanks have a lot of health but are slow and have low attack power, so use them in groups.
  • Battle Tanks are weak against many defenses grouped together.
  • When pushing for trophies, you would need to destroy the City Center. In many bases, the City Center would be in the center of the base. First, train up an army of Battle Tanks and a Wall Breacher such as a Combat Engineer. When attacking, deploy your combat engineer and wait till it destroys the necessary walls. Then, deploy all your Battle Tanks in the areas which the City Center is more close to. If there are a few defenses blocking the way, destroy them. Then rally your Battle Tanks to destroy the City Center.
  • Battle Tanks would ignore defensive troops and would pursue their targets which are defensive buildings. However, if a defensive troop attacks the battle tank, the battle tank will attack back until the defensive troop is killed; thus making the battle tank distracted. Try to use and deploy Ranged Infantry such as the Submachine Gun or Heavy Infantry such as the Assault Infantry after deploying the tanks to eliminate the defensive troops.

 Defensive Strategies Edit

  • Battle Tanks are a good alliance troop due to its high health; making it longer to kill them.
  • The Reinforcements technology in the Library spawns Battle Tanks in the forest and they attack troops of the attacker.

Trivia Edit

  • M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo Battle Tank is the first level of Heavy Cavalry that is used by North European, Mediterranean, and Oriental nations.

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