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“Bombards an area, dealing moderate damage. Powerful against defending soldiers.”

General InformationEdit

  • Barrage is a Tactic that is unlocked when you first build the War Academy. It inflicts an area-of-effect damage at the location where it is deployed.
  • It is effective against large groups of defending infantry, but ineffective against cavalry and buildings due to its relatively low damage.

Library BoostsEdit

  • Researching Battle Tactics, Chapter 2 will give this an extra 10% damage along with Demolition.


Strength Great vs. plentiful targets (like soldiers).
Weakness Won't significantly damage Heavy Cavalry or buildings.
Build Time Clock 35m
Radius Range 3
Tactics Space TroopSpace 1
Level Cost Food Damage Damage Upgrade Cost Food Upgrade Time Clock XP Reward Exp War Academy Level
1 4,000 425 - - - 1
2 8,500 525 475,000 23h 510 3
3 11,500 730 1,500,000 1d22h 745 4
4 15,000 874 2,900,000 3d20h 1,090 5
5 18,000 1,032 4,275,000 7d 1,515 6
6 ? 1,288 5,200,000 9d 1,740 7

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