Barrack Lv9

“A Barrack lets you build and house troops. Upgrade it to unlock more troop space.”

Levels Edit

General InformationEdit

The Barracks allow you to train troops for battles. Each upgrade increases the Barrack's troop capacity by 5.

To an attacker, the Barracks always appear empty, even if troops are housed there. The troops housed in the Barracks do not defend the player's base.

Factory troops also are counted in the same army size as the normal Barracks, however are trained in the Factory instead, but don't add max army space.

All troops in the Barracks cost food to train.

Troops cannot be trained at a Barracks while it's being upgraded.


Building Statistics - Press [Expand] to see the full table.
Level Build Cost Food Citizens Required Citizen Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp HP Health icon Age Unlocked Max Troop Capacity TroopSpace Max Queue Capacity TroopSpace
1 2004 15 minutes 25 1,000 Dawn Age 5 5
2 2,500 30 minutes 95 1,100 Bronze Age 10 10
3 15,000 2 hours 285 1,200 15 15
4 150,000 8 hours 610 1,300 Iron Age 20 20
5 300,000 12 hours 760 1,400 Medieval Age 25 25
6 1,000,000 1 day 1,115 1,500 Gunpowder Age 30 30
7 3,000,000 3 days 2,040 1,600 Enlightenment Age 35 35
8 5,000,000 8 days 3,495 1,770 Industrial Age 40 40
9 7,000,000 5 10 days 4,465 2,150 Atomic Age 45 45
Quantity Statistics - Press [Expand] to see the full table.
Age Max Number of Barracks Max Troop Cap^
Dawn Age 1 10
Stone Age
Bronze Age 2 35
Iron Age 45
Classical Age 3 65
Medieval Age 80(*88)
Gunpowder Age 95(*104)
Enlightenment Age 110(*121/137)(+15 with Standing Army)
Industrial Age 125(*137/154)(+15 with Standing Army)
Global Age
Atomic Age 140(*154/170)(+15 with Standing Army)

^This is the max troop capacity at each age. It is assumed that all Barracks have been leveled up.

*Additional +10% to cap as Romans.

Boosts Edit

The Standing Army Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses:

Chapter 1: Increases troop capacity by 2.

Chapter 2: Increases troop capacity by 3.

Chapter 3: Increases troop capacity by 5.

Chapter 5: Increases troop capacity by 5.

Researching chapter 1 of the Resistance Technology at the Library will make the Barracks produce Heavy Infantry on defense when destroyed.

The Romans get a 10% boost to army size(rounds down).

Trivia Edit

  • The Stone, Classical and Global ages are the only ages that you don't unlock a new barracks level at.

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