“Invading troops that step on these have slower movement and lower damage.”

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

  • The Barbed Wire is a Defensive Building that slows invading troops and decreases their damage for a time.
  • The Barbed Wire starts as the Caltrops from level 1 to 4 and changes to the Barbed Wire from level 5 and above.
  • It's a one time use and has to be re-armed after you're attacked(if it was triggered during the attack).
  • The slowing down and damage reduction are not permanent, and the unit could recover if not killed.
  • Research Deception chapter 2 at the Library to slow attackers by an extra 5%.

Defensive Strategies Edit

  • Its radius is two tiles and the effect could not overlay, so don't put two of them very close to each other.
  • The effect also doesn't stack with Versailles, so don't put them too close together.


Age Number Available
Iron Age 1
Classical Age
Medieval Age2
Gunpowder Age 2 (*4)
Enlightenment Age
Industrial Age4 (*6)
Global Age 5 (*7)
Atomic Age 6 (*8)
Cold War Age

*Research Engineering chapters 1 and 5 at the Library to increase Caltrops/Barbed Wire limit by 1 for each mentioned chapter.

Level Upgrade Cost Gold icon Re-Arm Cost Gold icon Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp Slows Invaders Damage Reduction Age Unlocked
1 8,000 1,000 1 0s 0 30% 25% Iron Age
2 40,000 1,900 12h 720 35% 30% Classical Age
3 80,000 3,000 1d 1,440 40% 35% Medieval Age
4 225,000 5,700 2d 258 45% 40% Gunpowder Age
5 400,000 ? 4d 1,115 45% Industrial Age
6 750,000 ? 5d 1,258 50% 50%
7 1,500,000 ? 7d 1,515 55%


55% Global Age
8 2,500,000 ? 9d 1,740 58%


58% Atomic Age
9 3,000,000 ? 10d 1,845 60%


10 4,400,000 ? 11d 1945 62%



*Research Deception chapter 2 at the Library to slow attackers by an extra 5%.

Trivia Edit

  • Like in DomiNations, they were used to slow down real-life enemies.


[ LEVEL 1] A pile of four sided spikes with three spikes facing down and one facing up. They are made of a brownish metal.

[LEVEL 2] They become silver and longer. Also they become slightly curved.

[LEVEL 3] The spikes turn gold colored and are now straight. They are also sharper and shinier.

[LEVEL 4] They turn bigger and silver. They are now even shinier.

[LEVEL 5] They change to two sets of four sticks making an X. Barbed wire is in the middle of each.

[LEVEL 6] three short brown wooden poles are stacked on top of each other surrounded by barbed wire.

[LEVEL 7] the wooden poles become red.

[LEVEL 8] there is a cement thing that looks like one of the spikes from level one but bigger and surrounded by barbed wire.

[LEVEL 9] the top and middle of the shape are covered in a shiny brown metal.