"The word undermine comes from the tactic of digging a tunnel under a wall, then collapsing the tunnel to destroy the wall."

Ballistics is a Level 3 Technology.

General InformationEdit

Chapter Requirements Cost Food Time XP Gain Description

Library Level 3 + Chivalry

400,000 4h 520 Increases Wall Breachers health by 10%
2 800,00012h 760 Decreases Ranged Siege troop space by 1
3 1,200,000 1d 1,115 Decreases Supply Vehicles troop space by 1
4 1,600,000 1d 12h 2,301 +20% Wall Breachers attack
5 3,200,000 3d 3,370 Ranged Siege attacks +10% faster
  • Notre Dame wonder decreases the library research cost by 10%.

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