Soldier and Archers (Assault Infantry and Ranged Infantry)

A strong and simple attack strategy which has proven to be quite effective is the use of soldiers and archers as the only units.  

The soldiers are the core of the attack. They will take out the buildings. Soldiers however have 2 main weaknesses - defending infantry and splash damage from catapults. You bring archers to counter infantry attacks and use careful planning, slight spread of units and the rally command to counter catapults.

The main reason not to bother with other units, like the tanky horseman, is they take up a lot of army space and they are countered by the ballista. This composition doesn't get countered by the ballista and therefore has less to worry about.

Ratio: 3-4 soldiers : 1 archer, see what works for you.

Horseman Bowmen And Horse Raiders ( Melee + Ranged)

A great and fairly cheap strategy is to start by deploying your horseman to get rid of any catapults then deploy bowmen to rid the base of ballista towers. Once all defences are destroyed deploy horse raiders to finish off economy buildings. Then just sit back and relax while your troops do the work. This strategy is suitable for all ages but works best in Classical, Medieval and the Gunpowder ages.

Ratio: 5 Bowmen For Every Horseman (+ 2 Horse Raiders You May Want To Use More Or Less Then 2)

Melee Infantry rush aka 'Zerging'

In the StarCraft series, there is a tactic very popular among the players who choose to play as the Zerg faction. It consists of throwing the cheapest units in a large amount against the enemy very early in the game, in hopes of taking them off guard while they are building their base and have weak defense. It's a tactic possible in nearly all strategy games, but its notorious use on StarCraft made this tactic be famed as Zerging.

Zerging can work in Dominations, but as in most strategy games, as the defensive capabilities of the bases improves, the effectiveness of this strategy fades. In the early ages of the game, up to Classical, Medieval, and sometimes even Gunpowder Age, you can overwhelm the enemy base with a massive amount of melee infantry with varied degrees of success. To maximize the effectiveness of this tactic, it is vital to upgrade your barracks and melee units to their maximum for the current age, so you can have the biggest number of the strongest melee units possible.

Simply unleash your melee horde around the city and watch as the defenders try to cope with the sheer numbers. Never attack in a pattern that all your units will end up cluttered on a single spot on range of defensive buildings such as catapults, as they can smash your horde really fast with their splash damage. Attack forming a large battle line or from two or more fronts. In most cases, your losses can be enormous, but if you manage your attack well, the economic rewards should pay for your men's blood. Cheap tactic, big reward.

  • Pros: melee units are cheap and train fast; With sheer numbers you tear down buildings really fast; The loss of your entire army can be rewarded by earning a lot more resources than you paid for it.
  • Cons: As the ages advances, this tactic is less and less successful; A good base design can wipe out your offensive before you can deal significant damage; Splash damage can kill a large number of cluttered soldiers.

Ratio: All melee units.