Statistics (No Boosts)
Health 17,545 Health icon
Damage per second 275 Damage
Damage vs Infantry 8,250 vs.Generals Damage
Damage Multiplier 3000% Damage
Range Melee Range
Favourite Target Enemy Generals FavTarget
Training Cost 2,000 Food
Training Time 5m Clock
General Information
Troop Space 10 TroopSpace
Troop Type Event Troop
Strength Strength Stealthy, deals 30x damage vs. Generals
Weakness Weakness Vulnerable to traps and defenders
Upgrade Information
Upgrade Navigation
Previous Next
None None

These swift melee troops pursue and assassinate enemy Generals. They sneak past shooting buildings and through gates but are vulnerable to traps and defenders.

The Assassin is an Event unit from the Hidden Dagger event.

Historically Description Edit

The medieval Hashshashin or Assassins, did not have the manpower to engage enemy armies in open combat. Instead, they killed opposing leaders in a specific way that best served their purposes.

Specially trained Assassins called fida'in would disguise themselves and wait - sometimes years - for an opportune moment. When the time was right, the fida'in would attack the target at close range. Afterward they refused to flee, instead choosing to accept their fate. The goal was twofold: to show the Assassin's absolute devotion to their cause and to make opposing them such a terrifying prospect that potential enemies would prefer to leave them in peace.

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