Armory Level9

“An Armory lets you upgrade the troops in your army, and maybe even give them guns!”

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

  • The Armory is a military research building that allows you to upgrade Troops, Generals, Tactics, and Coalitions using Food or Oil.
  • Higher levels of the Armory unlocks higher-level Troops, whereas higher-level Tactics requires a higher level War Academy.
  • The Armory starts out as the Blacksmith at level 1 to 5 and finally becomes the Armory at level 6 and up.
  • The Blacksmith is first available in the Stone Age.


Level Build Cost Food Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp HP Health icon Age Unlocked
1 1,2004 15m 95 800 Stone Age
2 5,000 2h 285 900 Bronze Age
3 15,000 4h 420 1,000 Iron Age
4 50,000 8h 610 1,100 Classical Age
5 500,000 1d 1,115 1,150 Medieval Age
6 1,000,000 2d 1,630 1,510 Gunpowder Age
7 3,000,000 4d 2,385 1,610 Enlightenment Age
8 5,000,000 6d 2,980 1,710 Industrial Age
9 7,000,000 7d 3,245 1,980 Global Age
10 8,000,000 9d 3,725 2,400 Atomic Age
11 11,800,000 10d 3,950 3,120 Cold War Age

Boosts Edit

The Resistance Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Armory:

  • Chapter 3: Armory produces Nations unique unit when destroyed

Fun Fact Edit

  • A second upgrade slot can be unlocked for 1,000 Icon Crown after the Version 5.3 Update. It is a permanent 2nd slot.

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