Armored Car

A powerful raiding vehicle which is able to endure more damage and engage foot infantry better than other raiders.

General information Edit

Deals 3x damage vs. resource buildings

Favourite targets are resource buildings.

Range of 3.

Training time is 6m.

Takes 6 troop space

Historically Descriptions Edit

The Panhard 178 was a long range reconnaissance vehicle developed for the French Cavalry before WW II. It was equipped with a 25mm main gun and a 7.5mm coaxial machine gun. It also in cluded two driver seats; one forward-facing and one rear-facing seat allowed the vehicle to be switched into reverse immediately and be driven in the opposite direction.

Statistics Edit

Armored Car unit statistics
Name Age HP Health icon DPS Damage DPS vs bonus Damage Cost Oil icon Upgrade Cost Oil icon Upgrade Time Clock XP Gain Exp
Armored Car Mk.1 Global Age 3,910 606 1,818 350 - - 0
Armored Car Mk.2 Global Age 4,599 636 1,908 375 180,000 10d 1,845
Armored Car Mk.3 Atomic Age 4750 700 2,000 425 200,000 12d 2,040
Armored Car Mk. 4 5,250 770 2,310 480 220,000 13d 2,130

Gallery Edit

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