“Fires powerful shots, strong against tough attackers like cavalry.”



  • The Anti-Tank Gun is a defensive building that is good against Heavy Cavalry.
  • The Anti-Tank Gun starts as the Ballista Tower (at level 1 and 2), then the Cannon Tower (at level 3 and 4) and finally, the Anti-Tank Gun (at level 5 - 7).
  • The Anti-Tank Gun has a very low rate of fire and very high damage.
  • The Anti-Tank Gun's high damage means that it is effective against enemy units with high hitpoints such as Heavy Cavalry, but its low attack speed means that it can be easily swarmed by large number of enemy troops such as Heavy Infantry. Therefore, putting this behind walls is a good idea.

Visuals Edit

  • Level 1: shows a stone tower with multiple windows without any glass in them and a blue line on top of it. There is a big wooden crossbow on top of that with an arrow in it. The back/feather part is red.
  • Level 2: the top and bottom of the stone tower are covered in metal. the back of the crossbow turns into a white painted metal. Two wooden buckets filled with metal balls are on the sides.
  • Level 3: the stone on the tower is replaced with wood and the crossbow is replaced with a cannon.
  • Level 4: the wood on the tower is replaced with stone with blue flags on it. A third bucket is added and the sides of the cannon are protected with an extra layer of metal.
  • Level 5:
  • Level 6:
  • Level 7:

Defensive strategies Edit

  • The bestt use of this tower is to place it strategically with support of other defenses to make tactical kill-zones.
  • Pairing it up with an Artillery Gun can provide nice power. The Anti-Tank Gun attacks incoming Heavy Cavalry that the Artillery Gun is weak to, while the Artillery Gun destroys infantry that get too close to the Anti-Tank Gun. Keep in mind not to place them too close as the Catapult/Mortar has a blind zone as well as both can be taken out by a few Barrage tactics.
  • Pairing it up with a Stronghold works as well, as the Ballista/Cannon/Anti-tank Tower will protect the Stronghold from Heavy Cavalry, and the Stronghold will protect the Ballista/Cannon/Anti-tank Tower from Heavy Infantry, Ranged Infantry etc, although this strategy can be easily thwarted with the Sabotage tactic.

Statistics Edit

Boost statistics Edit

The Citadels Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses to Anti-Tank Guns:

  • Chapter 1 : Increases Anti-Tank Gun health by 10%
  • Chapter 5 : Increases Anti-Tank Gun attack speed by 10%

The Radar Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses to Anti-Tank Guns:

  • Chapter 4 : Anti-Tank Guns connected to the City Center by Roads have +15% attack

The research of Suleiman the Magnificent in the University confers the following bonuses to Anti-Tank Guns:

  • Anti-Tank Gun Damage: increase 3% damage per each skill level researched.
  • Anti-Tank Gun Upgrade Cost: reduce 2% upgrade resources cost per each skill level researched.
  • Anti-Tank Gun Hitpoints: increase 3% hitpoints per each skill level researched

Quantity statistics Edit

Level statistics Edit

Level Build Cost Gold icon Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock Damage/Sec Damage Range Range HP Health icon XP Reward Exp Age Unlocked
1 125,0003 1d 1,1666 1450 950 Classical Age
2 425,000 2d 1,466 1,600 1,395Medieval Age
3 750,000 3d 1,900 2,040 1,740Gunpowder Age
4 2,900,000 4d 2,066 2,160 2,385Enlightenment Age
5 4,500,000 10d 3,500 2,280 2,770 Industrial Age
6 6,000,000 12d 4,033 2,510 3,725 Global Age
7 7,250,000 13d 4,439 3,270 3,895 Atomic Age
8 10,700,000 14d 4,883 4,578 4,055 Cold War Age

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