Americans is a War Coalition that increases the factory troop damage and airplanes health in World War, as well as granting Marines to help you in offense during world war. It is unlocked when you upgrade your Embassy to level 4.

General Information Edit

Level Embassy Req. Cost

Oil icon

Time Exp Factory Troop Attack Damage Airplane


Marine Amount
1 4 - - - +10% +10% 4
2 4 7,500 1d 520 +15% +15%
3 4 26,250 2d 760 +20% +20% 5
4 4 45,000 4d 1,115 +25% +25% 6
5 4 75,000 8d 1,630 +30% +30% 7
6 5 105,000 10d 1,845 +35% +35%
7 6 120,000 11d 1,945 +40% +40%

Historical Description Edit

"The United States of America was the first nation to successfully overthrow its colonial mother country, declaring independence in 1776 and winning its revolutionary war seven years later. Despite its geographics isolation, and frequent political movements for isolationism, the U.S. has projected military power abroad from the beginning of its history.

As early as 1801, an American fleet sailed to North Africa to attack the Barbary pirate states, commemorated in the Marines' Hymn lyrics 'to the shores of Tripoli.' Two decades later, the Monroe Doctrine declared the whole Western Hemisphere under U.S. protection from further European imperialism. In the late 1800s, the Civil War and conquest of native American lands kept the armed forces busy at home.

Eventually the U.S. turned its attention back overseas, seizing the Spanish colonies of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. In both World Wars, American intervention was late and reluctant but marked a decisive turning point toward Allied victory.