Ambush Trap

“Two extra soldiers will pop out by surprise when an enemy reaches this trap.”

Levels Edit

General Information Edit

  • The Ambush Trap is a Defensive Building that produces 2/3 troops(depending on the level) when an enemy gets too close.
  • It's a one time use and has to be re-armed after you're attacked(if it was triggered during the attack).
  • Research Deception chapter 3 at the Library to increase the amount of ambushers by 1.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • You can put the Ambush Trap in front of the Ballista/Cannon Tower so when enemy troops come near it such as Heavy Cavalry, the soldiers will distract the Heavy Cavalry, giving the Ballista/Cannon Tower more time to fire.
  • You can also put it within the radius of Angkor Wat, combined with healing power, they would fight longer.
  • It's also effective to put two or more next to each other so they distract the enemy longer.


Age Number Available
Classical Age1
Medieval Age2
Gunpowder Age3 (*4)
Enlightenment Age 4 (*5)
Industrial Age 6 (*7)
Global Age 7 (*8)
Atomic Age 8 (*9)
Cold War Age

*Research Engineering chapter 3 at the Library to increase Ambush Trap limit by 1.

Level Build Cost Gold icon Re-Arm Cost Gold icon Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Needed Citizen Ambusher Type Amount of Ambushers TroopSpace Experience Gain Exp Age Unlocked
1 40,000 ? 0s1 Phalanx 2 - Classical Age
2 80,000 ? 1d Pikeman 520 Medieval Age
3 250,000 ? 2d Halberdier 760 Gunpowder Age
4 400,000 ? 3d Fusilier 3 950 Enlightenment Age
5 750,000 ? 4d Shock Infantry 4 1,115 Industrial Age
6 1,500,000 ? 7d Assault Infantry (Troop) 4(*5) 1,515 Global Age
7 2,500,000 ? 9d Elite Infantry 1,740 Atomic Age
8 3,600,000 ? 10d Valiant Infantry 1,845 Cold War Age

*Research Deception chapter 3 at the Library to increase the number of ambushers by 1.