Alliance crests

Alliances are groups of players who can chat and exchange troops amongst each other. Alliances are an optional feature in DomiNations, unlocked by repairing the Alliance Gate for 30,000 food in the Iron Age.

Access alliance features from the "Chat" button on the left side of the main screen, or from the Alliance Gate itself.

As in the Version 3.0.150 update, a World War is introduced and allow a war between two Alliances with a global scale with a minimum of 10 vs 10 up to a 50 Vs 50. Refer to the main article : World War for more information.

Create an AllianceEdit

Create an alliance at a cost of 50,000 Gold. Beware because sometimes, the alliance will not be created but will still consume the amount of gold spent. A message will appear saying that the request could not be pended.

Join an Alliance Edit

Join an existing alliance for free by browsing suggested alliances or searching for an alliance by name.


  • some alliances have a Medal requirement and the Join button is hidden if your Medal count is not high enough;
  • some alliances are open to join directly, while others are invite-only, meaning that admission requires the approval of the alliance leader;
  • a player can only be in one alliance at a time;
  • the maximum number of members in an alliance is 50.

Alliance MembersEdit


The leader of an alliance can change its basic settings: description, minimum medal requirement, open membership or invite-only, and language. The leader has all rights of the lower roles and can (de-)assign co-leaders.

Co-Leader Edit

Co-Leaders have all the powers of Council. Next to that they have the ability to start a world war, post messages to the inbox and promote members to Council or demote them to ally


Council members can promote or kick any lower-ranked "ally" member.


An ally is a regular member of an alliance.

Alliance TroopsEdit

Troops may be exchanged amongst alliance members by requesting and donating.

Request troops from the alliance chat window, the Alliance Gate, or the Town Center. When troops are received, a message will flash on the screen indicating the donor and type of troops. The maximum number of troops that can be requested depends on the level of the Alliance Gate (see linked page for more info).

Donate troops in the alliance chat window by tapping on requests. Each player can donate up to 6 troops per request.

Alliance troops reside in the Town Center. They will defend your base if attacked, but will be expended by doing so. Donated alliance troops will not spawn if the Town Center is being upgraded.

Alliance troops are used in battle like Mercenaries--all units are deployed from one drop and don't return to base afterward.

DomiNations Alliance Wars TournamentsEdit

A tournament in which alliances are required to submit photos (screenshots) of their previous and current world wars to compete against other alliances. A group of alliances will fight each other within an organized structure in order to get a general idea of the skill level of each alliance. This structure involves the creation of a bracket in which alliances engage each other in battles until only one alliance remains.

More information at DomiNations Ally Wars Tournaments page.

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