{{AllianceRecruitment B3ASTisBACK

| In Game Name =B3ASTisBACK
| Forum Name   =Alliance recruitment
| Medal Requirement = 1200 Medals
| Language =English
| Clean Language = No
| Invite Only =  No
| Medal Pushing = No
| Members = 1

Experienced, active, paying, strategic, competative, cuuthroat alliance. Looking for Chinese, Korean, and rarley used town center players to donate rare unique troops for offense and defense. Troops such as Korean Righteous rifleman with %40 percwnt more damage and Chinese Manchu rifleman that shoot twice as fast. Everyone wants full batches of these troops but their town centers are rarley used. All the trick and trades few know will be discussed and as a active, fun alliance we will rise with our diversity and generosity. We will be a second TopDomiNators. Rareley used troops will change the game and outcomes in our favor.

| Alliance Introduction A new breed, topdominator alliance family. 
| Alliance Goal Have fun, learn it all, WIN!


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