Come join The Langoliers.   We are a friendly mature group that likes to play hard and don't believe in chat drama.  We have been playing for a while and have recently created our own alliance.   Come join us to help take over the world!   If you have questions:  email: 

The Alliance
Alliance Leader In Game Name:
Forum Name:

Medal Requirement:
Clean Language:
Invite Only:
Medal Pushing:
Why You Should Join This Alliance
Our Goal
Enjoy the game.

In order to be fair to everyone on the team, we have some rules. Folks who have been in the alliance already know them.

General Rules:

Rule 1: If you check the war box on but don’t attack at least once and we lose the war, you will be booted from the alliance.

Rule 2: If you constantly take troops but do not donate, don’t participate in wars, and don’t donate troops you will be booted.

Rule 3: If we see a player who has stopped playing, not progressing, and your kingdom is unkept with lots of new trees… We will boot from alliance to make room for new players.

Rule 4: If a player does not donate troops, doesn’t ask for troops, and doesn't participate in war, he/she will be booted. Why be in alliance if you don't play with folks?

War Rules and Tips:

War Rule 1: War groups are by groups of 5. If there are extras on, then we will pick by player level.

War Rule 2: Check War map for available targets. Attacking players with no stars left on map, the alliance will not get any teams stars towards victory

War Tip 1: If we are going to war and you need troops donated, please ask. There are higher level players that can donate to lower players. Higher level troops will be an advantage to you

War Tip 2: Surround your defense buildings, barracks, and town center with walls. Loot taken in war does not count in reg. game.

After that the game picks an opponent for us, we will have 24 hours until the battles start and then 24 hrs for the entire war.

We will review everyone’s status after the conclusion of each war. It doesn’t matter if you don't get any stars in a war as long as you try.

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