The Alliance
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Clean Language:
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Medal Pushing:
500 Medals
Why You Should Join This Alliance
Our Goal

Hi guys! We are a new alliance made up of experienced players looking for new members. Once we add a few more, we will be going to war virtually back-to-back. We have a great group of people from all over (English speaking only) and we are very active. Our alliance name is "The Hussars" and below are the rules we have in place (war targets and donation requirements will change with further growth). Looking forward to playing with some new people!

1) Number of troop requests should not exceed your number of donations. These stats reset every other Tuesday so make sure to keep an eye on this. There is also a minimum requirement of 30 donations per season.

2) Rules of war: Each member is to attack their corresponding number with the first attack. Your second attack should be used against an enemy that's already been attacked by someone but still has 2 or more stars to gain.

3) Be respectful of others. Profanity and joking around is not just accepted but encouraged! Comments disparaging race, sexual preference, etc will not be tolerated, however.

4) If you either attack the wrong target in war or you only use one of your attacks, you will be required to sit out the next war. If you fail to use both attacks in war, you will sit out two.

5) Lastly, these rules apply to ALL. Leaders, council and allies alike. No preferential treatment will be given to anyone. We are a team and we deserve equal treatment throughout. In the event that any rule changes are considered, they will require 2/3 of council to approve them and they will be clearly communicated to all.

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