The Alliance
Alliance Leader In Game Name:
Forum Name:

Medal Requirement:
Clean Language:
Invite Only:
Medal Pushing:
400 Medals and level 60+ only.. Not much Rushed bases
Anyone can join
None. Free to drop or Raise Medals Count.
Why You Should Join This Alliance
We are an ACTIVE ALLIANCE seeking ACTIVE PLAYERS, level 60+ only. We encouraged our players to MAXED their DEFENSE AND OFFENSE upgrade before moving to next age. Heavily Rushed bases are not welcome in our alliance. Attacking in world war is mandatory for the Participants in world war. World War are twice a week. Currently, we have players ranging from 80+ levels to 153 level. Most of the members chat through LINE App and discuss and suggest their problems and advice there.
Our Goal
Objective is To be in Top of the leaderboard soon and help all our alliance members in maxing out their respective ages.

Our minimum level requirement is 80 (updated 8/9/2016), war continuously, loyal members that stayed in the alliance for a year or longer.  Have fun, respect others, donate and request often to prove you're active.  We use LINE for communication outside of the game, so get LINE app as well!

300 Gladiators

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