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Alliance Medal Requirement Invite Only? Language Clean Language
""""""""""""""""""""""LightningStrike ? Medals no English preferred
"""""""""""""""" Join 4 Cannons """""""""""""""" 200 no English dont check the clean language box
"""""""""""""""Girl on Fire"""""""""""""""" 400 Medals No English No
"""""""" Gung-Who? """""""" 100 Open English Clean
"""""""" Scottish Celts """"""""" 300 no English mostly
""" LeagueOfPirates """ 0 No English N/A
""" Royal Dominions """ 700 No English No
""" The Hussars """
"Darkest Knights" - Indian Clan None ! English, Hindi, Bengali
"Dominations USA" Please donate troops when you can. Will also engage in war. 400 Medals No English Doesn't matter
"Kleptomaniacs" because we're cool level more important all welcome English whatever?
"Labyrinth" with the horse crest 200 Medals Open English, Mandarin Chinese preferred
"Norge" 400 Open English/Norwegian Y
"PURGE" - Everyone is welcome! 100 Medals No ENGLISH No
"Quasars" - we want to kick some royal ass in wars! 25 Open English No thank you!
"Refugees" - only requirement is to donate and stay active. Good core already 600 No English !
"Science" 0, however Level 40+ recommended. Open to all! English No, but don't go crazy.
"The Barracks" 0 Medals no English nah
"Valkyries" clean English for mature players wanting to war with strategy 0 Medals not now English !
'''''''''''''''''' Sky Legends '''''''''''''''''''''' 200 Medals Y English Y
'Kleptomaniacs " frequent war and great donations 700 Medals open English !
'Merica wins ? Medals ! !
(((( Royal Dominions 1000 No English No
[[Alliance Recruitment/
  • Active Warfare *|
  • Active Warfare *]]
800 Medals No English No
++ Italian Dragons ++ (43 players)
------ "Science" ------ 0, but level 40+ is recommended. No, Open to Everyone! English No, but don't go crazy.
300 Gladiators 400 Medals and level 60+ only.. Not much Rushed bases Anyone can join English Necessary
A Alliance 0 Medals No English Yes
A great Alliance - "Old Wise Ones" wants you 300 Medals yes English Not always
AboveAvgMidgets 0 Medals No English Yes
AccordingToAll 0 Medals Yes, just ask English nah
Active alliance "CSA!" Join us - we are a lot of fun 400 Medals No English please
Airborne ? Medals ! !
Alaska Mortalis 200 Medals no English no
Alaskan Elite 400 Medals No No
Always@War! 500 Medals No English No
Ancient Alien 0 Medals No English No
Argentina-Tigre 700 Medals No Spanish No
Argonauts 0 Medals Yes English Yes
Arkansas Beans ? Medals ! !
ArtemisAgrotera 100 Medals nope english nah
Assassin Nation 200 Medals open English no
Avalon 200 Medals No English Yes
BB-Elite Ost 400 Medals Offen/Open Deutsch/German Deutsch/German
BR FREAK SHOW 0 Medals No Portuguese No
Bad Rabbits 400 Medals No English No
Baja Mex ? Medals ! All welcome español ! Yes
Bar Kochba 0 Medals No English No
Beginners Guild None No English No
Belgian Raptors 700 Medals no English, dutch, french Dutch
Belgium Raiders 0 Medals no Dutch no
Bone Collectors ? Medals ! !
Boomshakalaka (red flag with hand print) 300 Open English Yes
Brasil Bravo ? Medals ! !
Bretania 0 Medals No English Yes
BritishBlighter 1000 Medals No English Yes
British n best ? Medals ! !
Brotherhood none right now no english no
Brotherhood - looking for new mature members to build a great alliance 0 yes English No
Budz of bc 400. All levels welcome to war with us! No English Mostly yes
BurnTheDictator 600 Medals ! English !
C.H.U.D. 100 Medals no English yes
CYBER WARS 300 open English !
Canada 0 no English no
Canada Valour - for you, Sir Krestavilis 600 Medals No English No
Carcassonne ? Medals ! !
Carioca Team 1100 Medals All Welcome Português/English
Chaos Assassins ? Medals ! !
Cheese Corp 500 Medals ! !
Cheshire Accord None ! English Yes
Chive Nation ? Medals ! !
Christ is Alive 500 Medals no English yes
Clan Scotland 400 Medals Yes English Yes
Clan name Only Adults War. Seeking Atomic, Global and Indistrial we have a record of 80-4-1. Great War attackers. 700 No English No
Clintonville 0 Medals no English yes
Colombianos 1000 Medals No Español
Coming for ya 0 Medals no English no
ContinentalArmy ? Medals ! !
CykaBlyat ---- Klanımıza herkesi bekleriz. Gelin beraber güçlenelim savaş yapalım( We clan wait for everybody. Let's fight together to strengthen.) 100 Medals NO TURKİSH-ENGLİSH TURKİSH
DN.Philippines 300/700 Open Filipino Yes
DarkBrotherhood 200 no English dirty af
Dark Shatter ? Medals ! !
Dava 200 Medals yes español no
Dead island ? Medals ! !
Death Star III 600? Medals no English no!
Demonic Dragons 0 Medals No English No
Desert Dawgs 0 Medals No English !
Domi-Legion 400 Medals No English Yes
DomiNate This 400 Medals No English No
Dominatheworld 0 Medals Not at all! English If you want!
Domination Wiki 200 Medals No English Yes
Dominion Legion
Dominion jedis ? Medals ! !
Down Under 2 900 Medals No English No
Dragon Den 400 Medals No English No
Dragon Republic 200 Medals No English Yes
Dragon nation ? 0 no english yes
Dragon republic 200 Medals ! English !
Dragons 0 Medals no English no
Ducking Bonkers 300 Medals No English No
Dutch Lions 1000 Medals nice people English Yes
Dutch Warlords 1000 Yes Nederlands English
ELP Victors 500 Medals no English no
ENRAGED 200 no ? no
El Chapo's Crew ? Medals ! !
England! 1400 No Free to Join English Yes
Epsilon Eridani 0 Medals required, but 400+ preferred No English, Deutsche, 日本人, Русский No
FAME Level 20 Yes English is prefered
FMSD New York ? Medals ! Yes
FOREVERMORE ? Medals ! !
Fallking dead 2 frequent war generous donations 0 No English Usually but were all adults so no rules on language
Fantasy Indo None Open Bahasa Indonesia dan campuran No
Feta is Betta 200 Medals maybe Fuck No
Fluffy Unicorns 500 Medals Yes English Yes
France LgBt No Yes French Yes
France attaque 400 Médailles Non Français Oui - Vulgarité bannie
Friendly Troops 0 Open English Clean only
GBO 0 open English mostly
GB Empire are looking for fun, active and generous members right now! Look us up, we're the clan with the England banner! 500 Medals Open to all! English Nah, anything goes!
GB Empire is the place to be... 600 Medals Nope, we are open to all ! English mainly Anything goes !
GameOfFriends, alliance Francaise Fun, Friends and War 200 Medals No Francais Yes
Gamers in PJ's 400 Medals No English Yes
Get On It 100 Medals no English no
Gil 100 no english yes
Girl on Fire 400 Medals ! English !
Global Gods, are looking for loyal active players for War, not bothered about medals, just players that want to play War, wt a friendly clan. If yu are active & hv not problem donating, come & check us out
Go Bears! 500 no English Speaking No Effin way
God Of Empires 0 Medals No No No
Gods of War 100 Medals No! English Yes!
Golden Empire 0 Medals no English Mostly
Grand Tetons 0(zero) Medals Open English None
H.I.V.E. Medals : 0 Open English kinda
Hardnuts none English yes
Haven Empire 200 Medals No En, De, Fr, Ru, Ja, Ko, Zh, Ryu No
Hikari Clan 200 Medals No English No
Hircine's Pack 0 Medals Open English No
Hittite Raiders 0 Medals No English Yes
House Targaryen nah no English no
IMPERIUM ? Medals ! !
INCOGNITO 0 Medals no ! english nope !
ITALIAN FURY minimo 600 medaglie NO ITALIANO
Iberia Invicta 200 Medals No Español, English Yes
ImmortalTrinity ? Medals ! !
Imperial Guard 100 Medals No English and Spanish Yes
Ireland ? Medals700 !no English !no
Italian Lions 0 OPEN italiano
JT Marauders 0 Medals no English yes
Jedi Knights 100 Medals No English No
Jesus Rules ? Medals 1000 ! open Clean chat !
Jesus is Lord 0 Medals Open English Yes
Join 4 Cannons ? Medals ! No
Join House Bracken, Need alliances for war 0 Open to all English Dont Go Crazy
Join the " Final Solution" -Leader north Carolina ....get promoted fast ? Medals ! !
Join us at GB Empire, you won't regret it! We're active, fun, chatty, supportive 9000 +Medals Nope, we're open to active players! English Nah, anything goes!
Jon Snow lives! 500 and up all welcome any yes
Justice Kings
K. Logginszone 0 Medals no english no
KABOOM 0 Medals no English no
KC Hot Shots 300 English yes
Keg Party 0 Medals Open English
Kilroy any n English n
Kleptomaniac are looking for active players in donations and war 800 no English !
Kleptomaniacs no English ?
Knightmare No ? Medals No ! English !
LGBT A-TEAM 800 Medals No English No
Lazy Potheads Not Yet You are Invited! English Hell no!
LeCopFrancais ? Medals False open Francais Dites ce que vous avez à dire
Lebanon united
Legion of Fury None No English Yes
Les Habitants
Liberated ? Medals ! !
LosWarezOs 1200 Medals No Deutsch Yes
Lucifers Hand 0 Medals No English No
Meet Your Maker 1000 Medals No English No
Mesopotamia ? Medals ! !
Mighty Minions 0 Open
MooN asylum no minimum required no English primary yes
N.a.z.i.s 0 NO ENGLISH !
Naked Ninjas 1200 Medals no Englisch yes/no
Navy seals ? Medals ! !
Nekked Punkin 0 Medals No English No
New Alliance " BearTeam" ? Medals !all french !french
New Federation 0 Medals No English Yes
New Reign ? Medals ! !
Nosiči vody 300 Medals Open Czech/Slovak Czech/Slovak
Oasis ? Medals !open English !
Obsidian Redux 300 no English
Old Wise Ones 0 Medals yes English not always
Old Wise Ones - We need You 0 Yes English !
P1sstakers, very active, war all the time 200 Medals ! English !
PDXers 0 Medals No English No
PT PORTUGAL ? Medals ! portugues, ingles
Paddy Irishman 0 Medals No English Yes
Pandora 400 Medals No English No
Perky * Friends 300 No English No
Pinoy A.DO.BOs 400 No English Yes
Poland WAR Clan 600 Medals No Polish Yes
Power Rangers (with horse crest) 1000 No English No
Priorato Sion 2 800 Medals no Español no
Quantum System™ 200 Medals no English yes
QuebecActic - Dons, Respect, Actif 900 NO French/Francais No
RONINS 0 Medals no English yes
R Dixie Wrecked ? Medals ! !
Rangers 800 Medals open English and some Portuguese Don't go overboard
Ravers Edge 0 Medals No English No
Reckoning ? 200 medals ! english
Revolutionaries 0 medals No English Yes
Rock's Army ? 600 no English yes
Royal Belgium 0 Medals no Nederlands !
Royal Dominions.....Alliance you will love to Join 1000 No English yes
SES 0 Medals Open English No
SPANISH ARMY 0 Medals No Spanish No
Savage Legends ? Medals ! !nah
Schadenfreude 0 Medals No English No
Science 0, Level 40+ recommended Open to everyone! English No, but don't go crazy.
Shock and Awe 200 Medals No English Sometimes
Shroomhead None? Medals No! English Don't care!
Sinner 1100 No English PG-13
Skeleton Crew 1300 no English ? Usually
Skull Crack ? Medals ! !
Sky legends 200 Medals Y English Y
Sons of Liberty 100 Medals Open English
Sovngarde Heroe
Spartan Feeder 0 Medals Yes English No
Stay United 600 open English !
T.roy Troopers 0 Open Malay, English, Indo
Teachers United 200 Open English Not always, but we are respectful
Team Alliance 0 Medals anyone English clean
Team Phoenix 0 Medals Open English Yes
Team USA 4lyfe none no English Meh
Texas Grit
Texas twister no English yes
TheGameHuntah 400 Medals Yes English Yes
TheMonkeyMob 0 Medals no English ...
The Aesir 500 Medals No English preferably Yes
The Anion Gap ? Medals ! !
The Asylu (Yellow Rooster) great community, see our websit!! Join now 400 Medals No English No
The Dark Ones 0 Medals No Any No
The Fire Nation none no English
The Hussars 500 Medals No English No
The Iron Empire 0 Medals No English No, but can become Yes
The Langoliers 300 ! English !
The Purge None Anyone Can Join English Say Whatever You Want
The Revengers 1100 Medals No English No
The Spaghettios ? Medals ! !
The Vangaurd 200 Medals (for now) no English no
Time Raiderz 0 Medals no english no
Toxic Avengers 200 Medals No English Yes
TurtleBroZ 0 Medals No English Yes
UFOR's 200 Medals Yes English No
USA ? Medals ! !
USA Warriors ? Medals ! !
Unique Freaks
Unique Nations- i want chinese, korean, rare tc's to donate unique troops. ? Medals ! !
United States 4 No medals required Free to join English No harassment
VAGurbation ? Medals ! !
Vitalia 0 Medals No Spanish (Aymara, Basque, Catalan, English, Esperanto, Galician, Guarani, Maya, Nahuatl and Quechua allowed) Yes
Void Walkers 1000 Medals No English No
Wagon Burners 100 Medals No English No
Walking Dead ? Medals ! !
We are the Queens Rangers and we are looking for recruits for are alliance i am currently in the Gunpowder Age game name LordEd12 10 players in the Allaince
Weimar rebublic any Medals open English nope
Western empire 0 Medals no English no
Winter's Coming
WorgenFirePact Just have some experience All are welcome English Just no bashing on people
YYC 200 Medals No English Yes
Yahweh's Army 0 Medals Yes English Yes
Kilroy Was Here- highly active 300 Medals No English Doesn't matter
coming for ya None No English Doesn't matter
da kines ? Medals ! !
evergreen domis 200 but try to stay above 300 open to everyone! english yes
fighting irish 0 Medals No English Yes
hollands glorie 300 nee Nederlands, Engels en een beetje Spaans Yes
inland empire
iron masters ? Medals ! !
mighty germans 200 No Deutsch No
miragaia ? Medals ! !
orchestrators 800 Medals Open English !
power rangers 400 no english no
shinsengumi 200 no english no
the kozmoes 1200 Medals No English No
we need help in alliance PT PORTUGAL, please come to initialize world war
world war 200 Medals Any English
Ü30 0 Yes German Yes
♤♤♤♤ ? Medals ! !

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