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Alliance gate

“Allows you to join an alliance. Alliance members can chat and send each other reinforcements.”

General InformationEdit

  • The Alliance Gate allows you to create or join an Alliance.
  • It initially appears as a ruined building and it can be repaired starting in the Iron Age in order to unlock its functionality.
  • Upgrading it increases the capacity of alliance troops.
  • Unlike the standard buildings, you cannot move it, and connecting it to the Town Center via Roads does not grant a Road network bonus.
  • The Alliance Gate cannot be destroyed in battles.
  • You can only send a maximum of 6 individual units to each ally at once per request. For example, if your ally sends a request and has a troop capacity of 12 troops, you could send five Heavy Infantry and one Heavy Cavalry, but you couldn't send seven Heavy Infantry units.
  • The French can receive more donated troops from Alliance Members (+3 more donated troops). This becomes +6 more donated troops in the Gunpowder Age.


Base StatisticsEdit

Level Upgrade Cost Food Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Needed Citizen XP Gain Exp Alliance Troop Limit French Alliance Troop Limit Age Unlocked
1 30,000 5m4 50 6 9 Iron Age
2 80,000 6h 520 9 12 Classical Age
3 600,000 1d 1,115 12 15 Medieval Age
4 1,500,000 2d 1,630 15 Gunpowder Age
5 4,000,000 7d 3,245 18 Enlightenment Age
6 5,000,000 8d 3,495 21 Industrial Age
7 6,000,000 9d 3,724 24
8 8,000,000 10d 3,950 27 Global Age
9 9,300,000 11d 4,160 30 Atomic Age

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