"Makes a powerful bombing run along aline. To deploy your aircraft, tap any building and unit in the enemy's base. When they've finished their attack, they may be redeployed"

Descriptions Edit

Bombs enemy structures for heavy damage. Vulnerable to enemy anti-air guns.

Once an air unit is used, you will only keep it if you are able to demolish all enemy defensive buildings.

The bombing route line is made from the nearest map edge. This is extremely relevant and often difficult to understand as you need to make sure that the flight path is safe without anti air towers.

Does 10x less damage against Town Center and Air Defense, use other units to target these buildings.

Historically Description Edit

"The first strategic air raids against civilian targets took place during World War I, as German Zeppelins appeared in the skies above London and other British cities. Although the raids did not significantly impair England's war effort, they sowed terror in the populace that foreshadowed the large-scale bombing of cities that would follow in later conflicts. Unfortunately for Zeppelin crews, these airships were vulnerable to fire and high winds, and many perished in accidents